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Henry County Islamic Center Sunday School

Welcome to the Henry County Islamic Center (HCIC) Sunday school! We are a Sunday school created to serve the Muslim children of Henry County and its surrounding areas. Our school offers classes for students from pre-kindergarten through the high school. Our vision is to offer excellent, Islamic education and to nurture our children to become confident, well rounded Muslims and to be role models to humanity.

 Inshallah, with the help and blessings of Allah (SWT), we will work together to meet this vision and be successful.

We sincerely appreciate your cooperation and support!

(HCIC) Sunday school Mission statement

To teach our children the fundamentals of Islam and how to implement these fundamentals in their daily lives based on Allah’s (SWT) Book “Al-Quran”, and His Messenger, Prophet Mohammad’s (pbuh) Sunnah.

School Goals

The mission statement, inshallah, will be achieved by the following goals:

  1. Teach tafsir and tajweed of the Quran
  2. Teach each student how to read, write and understand Arabic.
  3. To encourage memorization of surahs.
  4. Teach Islamic basics which include five pillars, etiquettes, fiqh/aqeeda, hadith, and manners.
  5. Teach the Seerah of the Prophets, with emphasis on Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).
  6. Teach each student how to perform wudu and salah (prayer).
  7. Teach how to apply the teachings in our children’s daily lives
  8. Participate in service projects and other enrichment activities.

School Information:

Sunday school begins at 10:00 am and ends at 2:00 pm with congregational Dhuhr salah.

Tuition and Fees:

Our tuition is $25 per month for the 1st child, $20 per month for the 2nd child, and $15 per month for any additional children. Tuition is due on the 1st of each month.

Books will be provided by the school:

Book fees are $50 per child.

There is also an annual:

There is also an annual $25 registration fee. All payments in the form of cash, check or credit card are to be remitted to the school. Checks can be written to HCIC Sunday School.

Grading Policy:

The grading policy is as follows.

  • 20% Attendance
  • 20% Projects
  • 20% Quizzes/Exams
  • 20% Classwork
  • 20% Homework

Our School Committee

It is a pleasure (and blessing from Allah swt) to take this opportunity to introduce Our School Committee

         Acting Principal:

            Brother            Basaikou Jabany (Abu Ousman)

        Assistant Principal:

            Sister               Karema Pippin

        Student Registrar

            Sister               Tiffany Crumpley (Um Amar)


            Sister               Nyree Sultan

            Brother            Bashir Crumpley  (Abu Amar)

            Sister               Laila Candis

            Sister               Daaiyah Shakir


            Imam               Ayub Basufyaan

            Imam               Musa Saliah


            Brother            Saidi Salawu

            Brother            Mohamed Abouelnaga

            Brother            Yusuf  Abouelnaga