Our mission is:

To establish an environment of teaching authentic Islamic education by serving religious and communal needs of Muslims and to create a civic relationship with the surrounding communities through education and outreach.


HCIC Mission Statement

To function as a center for community development, facilitate access to authentic Islamic knowledge to individuals of all ages in a family friendly environment, and empower youth by equipping them with good character, knowledge, and skills to positively impact society.

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Strategic Plan Summary 2017-2018

HCIC’s 2017-2018 strategic plan is a product of combined efforts between community members, volunteers, and leaders. The plan utilizes the La Piana strategic model for non-profit corporations. Below, please find more information regarding the strategic initiatives HCIC is looking to undertake for the next 5 years Inshallah.

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Strategy Screen

Filters that will be utilized when deciding on an initiative. Strategic screens allow HCIC to remain focused and decide how to allocate limited resources within unlimited possibilities.

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Big Questions

Over-arching goals HCIC would like to achieve. Big questions will have strategic initiatives, which have been filtered through the strategic screen and need to be implemented in order to answer the big question. Success metrics must be established for strategic initiatives in order to ensure that the big question has been successfully answered. HCIC currently has two big questions.

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